Thursday, 2 February 2017

From Singapore to Canada - The Decision

8 years ago I have made the leap of faith to go abroad and Singapore was my chosen destination. It was a year after my graduation and few months after I have passed the CPA board exam when I have decided that I have to chase that long time dream of working abroad. The only experience I have during that time is in a call centre industry from which I started a few days after I have graduated which lasted more than a year until I went abroad. Yes, that's right. I don't have any experience in my chosen profession and I only have my guts to back me up.

I landed in Singapore August of 2008. Just the right time, as the Singapore government is starting to impose stricter rules about foreign talents. I was lucky to find a job after a week, a gym membership consultant. Alright! Hahaha! Some of you might be wondering, why a CPA would accept a job like that? Well, if you are overseas with the intention of finding a job, the most practical thing to do is to grab whatever opportunity you have for you to have a valid work permit and be able to stay in that country legally. Trust me, I have witnessed professionals who tried to stick to their professions which did not go their way and have to go back to Philippines after 30 days (tourist visa). In this case, I got an S-Pass and now I have access to stay in this country. 3 months after, an Accountant who happens to workout in the gym told a Pinoy gym trainer that her company is in need of an assistant and by word of mouth it reached me and I rushed and send that desperate email just to have an interview. In my mind, I believe that if they will just give me that chance to have an interview I'm gonna nail it and I'm gonna take that job. Yeah that's the Pinoy fighting spirit! Hahaha!

Fast forward, I have been working in the same company for 8 years now, currently as an Accounts Executive and supervising 4 accounting staff. So much has changed. That boy has turned into a man and that man is now a father of 2 and a husband of 1. Hehehe!😆  With the help of my wife who followed me 5 years ago, we have managed to acquire some properties and we can say, yes we are doing quite good here even we are not PRs yet. Thanks to POSH and of course to Singapore!

However, just like any other OFWs we can't have everything and sacrifice is always part of our story. Although, we work together here, we were still unable to bring our 2 kids here for good. Singapore is a very nice place indeed, but it's too costly to raise a family. Bringing them here means we have to cut our investments back home and remittances to our families so just we can make both ends meet. Some may say, so what at least you are together, yes we got that but what happens if they get sick or if we get sick? It costs a fortune to be sick here in Singapore especially for foreigners like us. Education has a very high standard which is good, but it cost an arm and leg for foreign talents who can't secure their permanent residency. Looking for a school is also a challenge and your best option is to enrol into an international school but it also cost a fortune.

Early 2016, I started contemplating on moving to somewhere I can be with my kids. My eldest is already 5 and yet combine the days I have been with him will not even reach 3 quarters of a year. Yes, my wife and I are missing a lot. Our youngest is 3 and we have failed to witness first hand the milestones of him growing up. But as what we OFWs normally say, that's the price we pay just to secure their future. Often I ask myself, do I really want my kids to grow up without their parents to guide them? Is it really worth it? Is there a way I can have both worlds? Then I stumbled to this forum about Canada and how Filipinos have managed to be with their kids while building their dreams. A place where kids can have free education, free healthcare and overall a nice place to raise a family without losing the capacity to remit money to your love ones in the Philippines. 😊

November 2016 when I have finally decided to take the necessary steps. Singapore has been good to me and my family. But I need to be in a place where I can see my kids grow up while continuously building our dream. Yes, this will be another leap of faith and my journey to Canada begins!


  1. first comment! :D
    Hope we get an invitation for the upcoming Information session this february 2017. I'm also in Singapore, and just like you I'm so excited too! I Can't wait to book a ticket going back home just for the sole purpose of attending this event :D anyway what's your NOC? I'm under 2232 (mechanical engineering technologists)

  2. Hi Sir Aldreg! Yeah I am hoping to have the invite soon too! I feel you man! I've been checking my email frequently hoping to see that confirmation. My NOC is 1212 (Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers). By the way when did you schedule yours? Mine will be on Feb 18, afternoon. Best of luck to us! :-)

    1. I feel so anxious everyday waiting for the confirmation email from them.. :(
      I scheduled mine February 16 morning session.
      yeah! best luck for us.. hehe

    2. We should be receiving it anytime this week. Hopefully! :-) have you booked your ticket?

    3. Received my invitation last night. I'm going to book today.. Probably I will attend Saturday Session 1pm, feb 18. How about you did you receive yours? if so... then see you there! Just one thing how are we suppose to know each other when we're there? haha! we might be sitting beside each other without knowing it, Inbox me your personal number or facebook account so I can get in touch with you.

  3. hey bro! we have the same sched! hahaha! Dropped you an email just now! cheers!